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A visit to Scoor Beach and Cave

August 30, 2018

The coastline of the Ross of Mull is extensive, dramatic and very beautiful. There are many delightful easily-accessed beaches and coastlines, but there are also stunning hidden coves which are more rugged, not so easy to find and which you will probably have to yourself. To reach the coastline of Scoor involves a short walk across unmarked moorland.  The reward is a stunning beach, a prehistoric cave and a landscape of rock formations straight out of science fiction.

The route to Scoor is via the A849 just to the east of Bunessan. The road passes to the north side of Loch Assapol before becoming a very rough, bumpy track leading to a car parking area at Kilvickeoun. From here we can provide you with detailed advice in how to reach Scoor beach and cave  –  a stunning coastline of sandy beach and rocky coves. This is also the access point for the deserted township of Shiaba – a longer walk, not featured here.The access to Scoor beach and Scoor cave is rough and steep, but accessible with care; the rocky coastal landscape is incredible. Scoor cave has a dramatic presence with a superb view from the mouth of the cave. The rock carvings are said to date from 2,000 - 3,000bc.